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Safety Speed DFC-H5 Panel Saw and Dust Free Cutter Combo

$11,500.00 Inc GST

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Combine dust and noise free cutting with a Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saw and you can cut just about any material straight and square in your production shop.

Product Features

  • Utility Blade Cartridge (15 heavy-duty blades included)
  • ACM Cartridge
  • Scoring Cartridge
  • Integral Counter Weight
  • Left and Right Tapes
  • Removable Clamping Bar System
  • Two Extra Bottom Clamps

Technical Information

  • 3.25 Hp Motor
  • Thin Material Pressure Guard
  • Counter Balance
  • Dust Collection Kit
  • 1 ¾” Steel Guide Tubes
  • Roller Bearing Systems
  • Vertical & Horizontal Rulers
  • Quick Stop Gauge 5ft
  • Stand and Wheels
  • Blade and Backer board



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