Gregory Machinery works closely with Education Queensland to provide schools, colleges and TAFE with the machinery and training required.

One of the main reasons why Gregory Machinery continues to be one of the main suppliers to schools is that the Machinery Centre ensures all machinery for educational purposes has the required safety switching and emergency stop fitted prior to delivery.

Gregory Machinery has a large vehicle fleet allowing the whole process of delivery, installation and training to be completed in a timely seamless manner. With the help of our experienced staff members we have been looking after schools since 1984. Gregory Machinery provides assistance to schools from the start to finish of the project.

Our experience can help educational institutes set up and maintain a fully functional, safe environment for students to learn in. Our staff help design class room layouts and custom- design dust collection units to meet each and every different application.

As a supplier of machinery to Educations Departments, Gregory Machinery is dedicated to providing the best quality, safest and most reliable products available for education and training institutions.

Our team welcomes any feedback from our clients, so we can continue to improve and provide the best products and service for education departments throughout Australia.


So..WATCH THIS SPACE for changes, and feel free to give us some suggestions as to the content you would see useful for yourself, and others.

Air Compressor

Com-pak portable air compressor

Bandsaw, Wood Cutting

Laguna 14BX Bandsaw Laguna 14SUV Bandsaw Laguna LT18 Bandsaw

Bandsaw, Metal Cutting

Tru Pro 210A/1 Metal Cutting Bandsaw Tru Pro 275A/3 Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Bench Shears

Woodman Hand Slitting Shears

Buffing Machine

Woodman Buffing Machine

Cold Saw, Metal Cutting

Woodman Mitre Cold Saw

Convection Oven

UNOX Convection Oven

Disc Sander

Laguna 20 inch Disc Sander Woodman 15 inch Disc Sander

Drum Sander

Supermax Dual Drum Sander

Dust Extractor Unit

Woodman DE1200 Dust Extractor

Gas Welding Equipment

Lincoln Gas Kit

Hydraulic Press

Woodman Hydraulic Press

Lathe, Woodturning

Laguna Revo 18-36

Linishing/Belt Sander

Woodman ES-689 Woodman ES6108

Linishing Sander, Metal Machining

Woodman Metal Linisher

Mitre Saw & Compound Mitre Saw

Festool K88 Compound Mitre Saw Festoool K120 Compound Mitre Saw Festool K88 Compound Mitre Saw Set Festool K120 Compound Mitre Saw Set

Panel Saw

Woodman P30 Panel Saw Woodman P305 Panel Saw

Pedestal or Bench Grinder

Woodman 8 inch Bench Grinder Woodman 10 inch Bench Grinder Woodman 12 inch Bench Grinder

Pedestal Drill

Woodman Floor Drill Press Woodman Bench Drill Press

Pipe Bender

Bramley Hydraulic Pipe Bender Bramley Electric Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Radial Arm Saw

Maggi Radial Arm Saw Woodman Radial Arm Saw

Spindle or Bobbin Sander

Woodman Oscillating Bobbin Sander


Laguna 16 inch Planer Laguna 20 inch HD Thicknesser Laguna 25 inch HD Thicknesser

Vertical Panel Saw, or Wall Saw

Safety Speed Wall Saw Putsch Meniconi Wall Saw

Welder, Manual Arc Metal Welder

Lincoln Powercraft 160

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