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What is mortise?

A mortise is a woodworking machine used to form some kind of cavity in wood, in which a tenon is placed to form a joint. Most cavities created by mortises are rectangular, although other cavity types can easily be created by using different drilling and mortising heads. They come in different sizes and capacities. But 3 of the most common use mortising models are square, chisel, horizontal, and a chain. Square chisel mortisers looks like a drill press, combining a four-sided chisel with the action of a drill bit in the chisel’s center, with the drill clearing out the material and the chisel with the drill’s action in the chisel’s centre, with the drill clearing out the material with chisel ensuring that the edges remain straight.

Horizontal models have a router on one side, with the mortisers head placed on a multi-axis sliding table. Such mortisers can prepare traditional mortise and tenon joints. Chain models use a frame that contains a rotating chain with cutters that is applied to the work piece. Chain models are able to remove a larger volume of wood than the square chisel and horizontal models and are often used for timber frame construction.

Buying a used mortise – The right choice?

2 factors to consider while purchasing mortisers: the cost of the machine and the second factor is the construction quality. If it is a small and domestic grade or a low-grade commercial mortise, the new commercial mortisers, as the new sticker price is affordable and the machinery that isn’t designed to stand up to commercial level use for years on end. Thus the best decision is to purchase, new equipment. But in case of industrial-grade models, that which are generally expensive is designed to last for decades under the use of a commercial level, thus purchasing a used mortise can result in receiving new machine quality at a used price especially when the buyer conducts an assessment of the efficiency and the dependability of the mortise machine.

How to assess the quality of the mortisers?

Assessing the quality of a used mortise follows a similar process including evaluation of other woodworking machinery. The first step is to only shop with a professional seller of used woodworking machinery so that the value of the machinery is properly assessed. The next step is to avoid sellers that have unresolved customer complaints. The third step is to secure a copy of a machine’s official maintenance record. This is done to check if it is regularly serviced. The final step is a firsthand inspection of the machine to get an impression of its overall wear or have some kind of the third party conduct the inspection for you. Following this process, you should lead you to a used mortise that works like new.

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