The Mechanics of Laser Cutting CNC Machines in Australia Why they are Important?

CNC and Laser

What are laser cutting and CNC Machining Tool?

CNC and Lasers are an efficient tool and an effective means to cut metal, and widely used in metal fabrication and manufacturing industries. They are most effective however when combined with CNC machining. Laser cutting works by focusing on a high-powered laser onto the surface of the metal, usually focused through an optical system. The metal is burnt by vaporized or blown away as a jet of gas, thus leaving a cut edge and high quality surface finish. Industrial lasers are used to cut pipes and tubes as well as flat sheet material.

How lasers work?

A laser beam is generated by stimulating a lasing material with electrical discharges contained with a closed container. This generates a beam of light, which is then reflected within the machine by using a partial mirror until it achieves enough energy, to escape as a beam of single colored coherent light. This beam of light is them directed through fiber optics and mirrors and focused on the metal to be cut. The cutting section of the beam is very fine and is less than 0.32mm in diameter.

Advantages of using CNC machining lasers

Some of the major benefits of laser cutting mechanical cutting process includes:-

Easier to keep your work in place – mechanical cutting applies various forces that means that the piece has to solidify clamped to keep it steady.

Reduced contamination – As there is no swarf, cooling fluid external blade that can wear and leave deposits. It is a much cleaner process.

Better precision – As physical blades wear out, this can affect the line of the cut. Lasers are not affected this way and the cutting point does not vary.

Intricate cuts – mechanical blades are limited in their ability to change direction.

Lasers are mostly accurate and use less energy than plasma cutters.

When combined with the control offered by CNC machining, lasers can cut through complex designs and shapes accurately as much as possible. This makes them ideal for many metal fabrication tasks such as cutting profiles and internal structures for machinery.

Types of Lasers

Some of the common forms of lasers include CO2 laser, neodymium lasers, laser micro jet, and fiber lasers.

What is a vertical panel saw?

Vertical panel saws are designed for cutting flat items such as larger panels. They saw has a larger outer casing with horizontal props. 2 cylindrical vertical facing shafts in the center hold the saw. The foundation is designed so that large sheets will be help in place against the saw’s frame. It can cut against the frame of the saw. It can either cut from side to side, or from bottom to top. You need to follow safety precautions if you have already purchased a saw. Make sure the fingers are not anywhere near the blade.

Use goggles and dust masks as precautionary measures. When you are cutting through large items, you must have an assistant. Ensure buying of the right brand and work accordingly.

Modular Multi Boring Systems and Tools Products for Axial Grooving

Multi Boring Machine

The system – What does multi boring stands for?

The term multi boring stands for a system that is of a modular component and that which is compatible with each and every spindle of machine. The boring tools have been manufactured and developed to the highest standards of engineering practice. They are also suitable for high-speed machining. Thus they will supply fully balanced complete Laguna tools products on request.

The connection – World’s first modular boring tools

The multi boring connection has proved to be worth of million applications since they were induced in the year 1973. World’s first modular boring tools were developed in connection into today’s perfect system solution. It offers the following benefits or advantages:-

  • Practical and easy handling
  • Freely accessible threaded taper pins for any kind of precise cutter positioning
  • There is a 3 point or clamping that ensures that there is a high axial clamping forces on mating faces
  • Max rigidity due to its triple point clamping
  • Accurate to less than 2 Mm once the tool is changes

Boring tools for rough machining and circular milling

Rough machining, reverse machining, circular milling axial grooving – Multi boring serrated bodies, are combined with different insert holders that provides the greatest variability machining. There are several multi boring machines that offer the widest range of pre machining bores. Here are some of the characteristics that you could consider:-

  • Boring range is 19.5 – 3255 mm
  • Serrated tool body with the ground serrated body
  • A wide variety of different inserts holders for rough machining, chamfering, axial grooving, and reverse machining  guarantees a diverse range of application.
  • Insert holders for level or height staggered machining.
  • Use of manufacturer – independent ISO that is replaceable and inserts is possible.
  • Boring range would be 200-3255 mm with slides in aluminum lightweight construction.

Boring tools for finish machining

Along with the multi boring tools for finish machining with decades of success worldwide, offers the widest production range for internal machining of bores in the well-known quality. A high degree of flexibility in application selection of cutting materials includes simple handling guarantee optimum tool solutions for the greatest machining diversity.

Multi Boring system tools for finish and rough machining

Multi boring systems – they are both one single operation. They have a feed in accuracy of 0.002 mm in diameter – level or height staggered machining – from 24.5 – 3255mm. Doubled productivity, coupled with the flexibility of the multi boring range – this is the production of manager’s dream. Here are some of the characteristics:-

  • 2 tools in one
  • Rough and finish machining in one operation for tolerance groups up to IT6
  • Boring range 24.5 – 201 mm in steel version with a feed in via venire
  • As of boring range 100-3255 mm with modular slide range, feed through digital display
  • Feed in accuracy is 0.002 mm in diameter

Engraving through Laser is the Cost of Precision

Laser Machine

Machine for engraving purposes

The use of engraving in jewellery has benefited jewelers in making customized and more precise products. The mark made by a laser beam is the most accurate engraving method available in today’s world. Machines used for engraving purpose have three important parts; i.e. the laser beam, controller and the surface. The beam works like a pencil that does the final job of engraving without any wear and tear of material. The controller is a computer system that controls, the parameters, like intensity, speed and spread of the beam. In this process of engraving the laser beam converts the light energy into the heat that which helps in vaporizing the surface, to be engraved into the design led in controller.

Because of this laser machines do require efficient cooling system to cool down the heated equipment properly. For this is a special part chiller with high configuration is added to the system for smooth functioning. The quality of these components determines the price of the engraving equipment.

Types of laser engraving machines

There are machines that have different genre depending on the kind of surface. The machine used for wooden, surfaces will not be useful for jewelry. Hence, the surface types would impact the price of the laser machine drastically. The first type is when the beam moves in the X-Y direction. In this case, the surface is fixed, and the laser moves X and Y direction. In certain cases, the surface moves in the Y direction while the beam moves in the X- direction.

Second type of machine

The second type is when the surface moves cylindrically while the laser beam creates a helix along the surface, the surface can be cylindrical or square in shape. The beam is steady as the surface moves. It is different design as compared to this first type, and hence the pricing differs. The third type of laser engraving machine takes support from galvanizing mirrors to move the beam, while keeping the stationary of surface. The setup is used in unique engraving assignments, and the machine is needed to be customized according to the requirement of user and the environment of the workplace.

Engraving machines

For engraving machines explained, the focal point where the laser beam touches the surface is very narrow. The beam either burns or cuts the surface. If the surface vaporizes during the engraving process, a ventilator is also required. The combined effect of multiple technologies makes the right laser engraving machine for a particular surface. Thus the machine price is the value of technologies makes the right laser engraving machine for a particular surface. Thus the machine price is the value of technological option that the customer requires.

Bench grinder is a tool that is usually used to shape metal. This tool is usually attached to a bench that can be either be raised or lowered accordingly depending on the preference of the user.

Why Band Saws are Very Effective – All You Need to Know about Hand Saws

Bandsaw Blades

Bandsaw blades will have to match to the job in hand, and also to the size of the band. Select the right blade for the purpose and it is true for band saws. Just because the machine is powered, one blade doesn’t cut everything. It most certainly won’t. Thus a proper selection of blades is what we need depending on the type of talk we are performing. Although there is a vast array of blades to choose from, we can do 99% of our normal work, with just 2 or 3 different blades.

Width of the blade

The major challenge with a band saw is to get it to cut straight as it is easy to think that the wider the blade the better it is. You are more likely to get better results with ½” or ¾” or a ¼” blade. These blades may yield you better results. But the temptation to go as wide as the wheels will take more, that might be an inch more or so. The problem is that few consumer grade band saws are quite strong enough to tension such a wide blade and an insufficiently tensioned blade that is likely to give good results. You can rip it correctly with the correct ½” band saw blade, if it is set up properly on the machine.

Conversely it’s no good expecting it to cut tight bend with a wide blade. If you are doing lots of curved work, you will need to fit a narrow blade. A motorbike can go round a much tighter corner that a bus can.

Total number of teeth

It is a general rule, that you should use a few teeth as you can get away with whilst ensuring that there are at least 3 teeth in the wood. So for home woodies making furniture, 3 TPI is good for ripping through timber. Fewer the teeth, the better it is. Because the sawdust has to have somewhere to go and it is the gullets behind the teeth that will do the job. Ripping produces long curls of sawdust that has to go somewhere. So a standard ripping blade is 3TPI, skip tooth. This means that the teeth are the size they would be if it was 6TPI, but every other one is missing. This means that the gullets are easily available to carry away the sawdust as you get a smooth and clean cut.

Why do you need a CNC Machine?

Technology is terrific. It’s hard to imagine, how we would live without smart phones. Similarly workshops have a great new addition by the name of CNC cutting machine. This is an innovative tool that have made custom cutting of almost any material a dream. The best way to find out is to explore the world of CNC machines and see if you are that kind of person who needs a CNC cutting machine.

Panel Saws Are Easy to Use, Safe and Powerful

Panel Saw Machine

Panel saws are sawing machines that cuts through wooden sheets and size’em up into smaller parts. This machine is mostly used for cutting purposes. This panel saw machine cuts through large wood and plywood pieces into equal sized pieces. This machine is particularly used for cutting large plywood pieces in to equal sized pieces. They are used for mostly cutting and decorating purposes. If you are about to buy this machine then there are certain important things to consider. There are many important things that you need to take into consideration. Buying a machine is not complex activity and should be bought from a well known resource. Take into consideration certain factors when you purchase the panel saw.

Panel Saws

Before buying this machinery, you should know the features of the saw first. The first notable feature is extremely exact cut. They are mostly used for furniture purposes. Blades are easy to adjust as blades of these machines. They are also used by sign shops to cut sheets of aluminum, wood and plastic for their sign blanks. Panel saws are mostly categorized into 2 categories including horizontal and vertical. Some higher end panels saws have feature computer control that moves the blade and fence systems to the preset values. If you know how to use this machinery, they you probably know the advantages and the disadvantages of the panel saws.

Panel saws categories

If you are a wood worker and in need of a machine – then look it up on the internet. There are tons of machines and resources available on the internet. Just make sure you buy it from a well known source. Panel saws are known for its diversities, as it can cut wood, into more than 2 different shapes. It can cut large wood pieces into both vertical and horizontal pattern. There are different models of this machinery available on the internet. Assess your need and buy the right panel saw accordingly.

The use of dust control accessories

Dust production is a common side effect of major Aussie companies including construction and mining companies. Thus dust control accessories are used to enhance your dust control management.

Festool Power Tool that can Help Finish your Project

Festool Products

Power tools – Festool Accessories

These are power tools and accessories whose main goal is to focus and serve automation, design and technology. Power tools can help finish your project. Thus you may need festool accessories and products that will cut your time short and allow you to get the job done ahead of time. So you can promise less and over deliver. That’s the goal of a power tool – to get hard jobs done in a jiffy.

Festool Products are owned by giant brands

Some of the most reliable products are made or manufactured by giant brands in the Aussie market. Prime examples are Festool, Bosch and Milwaukee. They are known for their dedication, of high quality and equipment’s that last long. Such products can be purchased at fine retailers in person or online through any website portal. There are several websites to choose from if you require festool products and accessories for your job.

Types of festool tools

Drywall’s tools and festool products are a specialty product that is a requirement for many workers. Festool power tools and accessories are the toughest demands, including plunge-cut saws, circular saws, jigsaws, cordless drills, joining machine and routers. Festool tools and accessories are worth the purchase, as they are manufactured with precision keeping quality standards in mind.

Quality before quantity

Festool doesn’t come cheap as they do not compromise with quality. There are tools such as table saw, circular saws, and drills that are necessary in any homeowner’s tool chest. These products are integral and everyday items that can be used as contractors. If you need to buy one of those products, you should purchase from a company that is known for selling quality merchandise they sell.

Why choose a branded Power tool?

If you are looking for a saw or a drill, or any other power tool, check out any product line online through any website. They are known for their engineering and durability. The plunge cut saw, is yet another well known festool accessory in the market and has also been a leader in the industry. They offer various styles of cordless drills. Such machinery is chosen for their light weight and power. Professional woodworkers use this equipment daily, should you buy something that is good enough for the pros.

High quality electrical equipment

These high quality electrical equipment’s have been manufactured for centuries. Drills and saws, grinders are some of the commonly used and purchased products. You can find them at your local authorized dealer or retailers. They usually have a large stock of a variety of items to choose from. If you have needed a new product, make sure you test it before purchase. Choosing the best brand will give you an edge over other competitors in the market.

Reap the Advantages of Drilling & Mortisers Accessories


What is mortise?

A mortise is a woodworking machine used to form some kind of cavity in wood, in which a tenon is placed to form a joint. Most cavities created by mortises are rectangular, although other cavity types can easily be created by using different drilling and mortising heads. They come in different sizes and capacities. But 3 of the most common use mortising models are square, chisel, horizontal, and a chain. Square chisel mortisers looks like a drill press, combining a four-sided chisel with the action of a drill bit in the chisel’s center, with the drill clearing out the material and the chisel with the drill’s action in the chisel’s centre, with the drill clearing out the material with chisel ensuring that the edges remain straight.

Horizontal models have a router on one side, with the mortisers head placed on a multi-axis sliding table. Such mortisers can prepare traditional mortise and tenon joints. Chain models use a frame that contains a rotating chain with cutters that is applied to the work piece. Chain models are able to remove a larger volume of wood than the square chisel and horizontal models and are often used for timber frame construction.

Buying a used mortise – The right choice?

2 factors to consider while purchasing mortisers: the cost of the machine and the second factor is the construction quality. If it is a small and domestic grade or a low-grade commercial mortise, the new commercial mortisers, as the new sticker price is affordable and the machinery that isn’t designed to stand up to commercial level use for years on end. Thus the best decision is to purchase, new equipment. But in case of industrial-grade models, that which are generally expensive is designed to last for decades under the use of a commercial level, thus purchasing a used mortise can result in receiving new machine quality at a used price especially when the buyer conducts an assessment of the efficiency and the dependability of the mortise machine.

How to assess the quality of the mortisers?

Assessing the quality of a used mortise follows a similar process including evaluation of other woodworking machinery. The first step is to only shop with a professional seller of used woodworking machinery so that the value of the machinery is properly assessed. The next step is to avoid sellers that have unresolved customer complaints. The third step is to secure a copy of a machine’s official maintenance record. This is done to check if it is regularly serviced. The final step is a firsthand inspection of the machine to get an impression of its overall wear or have some kind of the third party conduct the inspection for you. Following this process, you should lead you to a used mortise that works like new.

Drilling accessories are available online at shopping portals including the centre drill bit, drill accessories, woodworking sets, powerdrillindo, portable magnetic drill accessories, diamond core drills.

Finding the Right Power Tools for Common Woodworking

Bandsaw Blades

Now cut curves or even thick lumber to create cabriole legs, to rip lumber and to crosscut short pieces. The most commonly used power tool is the band saw, but cuts in irregular shapes. The second most commonly used power tool is resawing lumber into thinner slabs.

What is a band saw machine? – Definition

A band saw machine are a bunch of saws that consists of a continuous metal band, also known as the band saw blade, ride on two wheels rotating in the same direction. It consists of a round and serrated blade, uses to process wood, metal and different other materials.

The band saw is a versatile and reliable addition to any workshop. This unit will feature a powerful 350W motor, with a large adjustable cutting table with at least a 45-degree bevel angle and a few handy work lights – this is for illuminating the work piece and the cutting area. Here are the following features:-

  • 80mm cutting capacity
  • Large table size – 305x305mm
  • 45-degree table tilt
  • 40 m/s blade speed
  • Work light

Various types of Band saws

They specialize in band saws such as geared drive metal cutting band saw, metal cutting band saw, 2-way swivel metal cutting band saw, automatic band saws, milling machines and more. Its casting structure will assure that mechanical strength and full cover blade provides safety. Here are some of the band saws available:-

  • Light duty band saw
  • Heavy-duty band saw
  • Semi-Auto band saw
  • Circular saw
  • European type of band saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Milling and drilling machine
  • Custom-built machine
  • Single-purpose machine

What are the band saws uses for?

The power tool band saw is used to cut a fraction of portion of the surface exposed to it. If you are buying a power tool as a band saw, you will be able to find the right tools online to make intricate cuts in the wood. This is like a jigsaw, but power tools like band saws accessories carry an advantage as well. They can cut curves even through thick pieces of wood. You can now buy power tools as you can find various types of band saws online that are brought into use for cutting metals and also cutting meat.

Further details on band saws

If you are cutting thin brass, copper and aluminum, you should use a blade with a high tooth count. If you are planning on cutting a lot of metal, look into the catalogue for metal cutting band saws blades. They will run at a very slow speed but will work in pinch on standard speed band saws. Then there are disc and belt sanders and table saws. The band saw is one of the most versatile power tools today. Band saws were invented in the year 1809. It has a slow-moving progression from their very first progression for many years now.